GENDERACTION builds new collaborations to advance gender equality in international cooperation in science, technology, and innovation. In line with the Council Conclusions on advancing gender equality in the ERA, the HG and SFIC were mandated to develop joint guidelines on a gender perspective for international cooperation in STI. The joint guidelines are scheduled for dissemination throughout 2017 and early 2018.

GENDERACTION furthermore assessed current practices of integrating gender in international cooperation in STI by developing a novel methodology to assess basic procedures/instruments to mainstream gender in STI international cooperation, assess current practices in partner countries, and deliver recommendations to relevant bodies in the participating countries and globally. Comparative analysis and recommendations on gender in international cooperation in STI were published in March 2020.

The project identified and established contacts with G&S structures at national and regional level (preferably governmental) in Africa (especially the South-Mediterranean countries included in the Western Mediterranean Forum, commonly referred to as 5+5 Dialogue), America (where the CYTED platform in the Latin American Region can facilitate the work), Asia, Oceania, and other European countries. These organizations will be encouraged to join a working group aimed to identify gaps, barriers, strengths, and opportunities, and to propose strategic action. The GENDERACTION Advisory Board on gender in international cooperation in STI will be instrumental in supporting this work.

Our policy advice documents:

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You can read and download all GENDERACTION Policy Series documents in one brochure.







    22 June 2020, Policy Brief No. 15: Gender Perspectives in International Cooperation in STI









     Organizations in 3rd Countries That Deal with Women & Gender in STI









  31 March 2020, Deliverable Report 6.3: Comparative Analysis and Recommendations on Gender in International Cooperation in STI







     31 April 2018, Deliverable Report 6.1: Methodological Framework to Assess Gender in International Cooperation in STI