July 2021 | gender-net-plus.eu | GENDERACTION Policy brief: How to promote gender in partnerships
July 2021 | Podpora genderové rovnosti v Evropském výzkumném prostoru | PROGRAM HORIZONT 2020. PŘÍBĚHY A VÝSLEDKY /STOPY ČR V PROGRAMU HORIZONT 2020, page 62-64
July 2021 | NKC – webnewsletter, HorizonEurope.cz, vedavyzkum.cz, soc.cas.cz (Czech, English), msmt.cz | Evropský projekt GENDERACTION vrcholí konferencí 8. a 9. července
April 2021 | GearingROLES newsletter | International Day of Women in Science
February 2021 | GEECCO newsletter | #Support of #SpeedUpChange campaign
February 2021 | Gender Summit newsletter | Supporting the Gender Summit Community: GENDERACTION Database of Gender & Science structures outside the EU: add your organisation
February 2021 | Gender in science diplomacy and S4D4C
January 2021 | genderaveda.cz | Novinky z Evropy
October 2020 | timeshighered.com | Europe expected to tie research funding to gender equality action
June 2020 | euroactive.com | Marcela Linková: The new ERA must do more for gender equality
March 2020 | vedavyzkum.cz | D3.2. Deliverable dissemination (in czech) | Evropská Unie rovnosti se týká i výzkumu a inovací
November 2019 | kifinfo.no | Europe wants more gender research
October 2019 | vedavyzkum.cz | D3.2. Deliverable dissemination (in czech) | Marcela Linková: Nemůžeme být lídři a přitom plýtvat potenciálem žen
October 2019 | timeshighered.com | Call for Athena SWAN to be rolled out across Europe
July 2019 |  Special Feature: Gender Equality. The Project Repository Journal, Vol. 2 | Advancing Gender Equality in Research and Innovation
May 2019 | GENDERACTION General Assembly (in greek) | Εκδήλωση «Ενισχύοντας την Ισότητα των Φύλων και τη Διάσταση του Φύλου στην Έρευνα και την Καινοτομία»
May 2019 | GENDERACTION Mid-Term event in the Czech media | Budoucnost genderové rovnosti v Evropě (vedavyzkum.cz, genderaveda.cz, newsletter NKC, in English: genderaveda.cz/en)
March 2019 | GENDERACTION as a R&I success story on the page of the European Commission (released on 8 March) | Advancing gender equality in research and innovation
December 2018 | GENDERACTION in the interview of Marcela Linková for kifinfo.no | Taking up the fight against right-wing populism: “We must keep gender in EU research”
July 2018 | GENDERACTION in newsletter 1/2018 of National Contact Centre for Gender in Science | GENDERACTION: Main Results of Year Number 1
July 2018 | GENDERACTION in newsletter 1/2018 of National Contact Centre for Gender in Science | GENDERACTION Launches Horizon Europe Policy Briefs Series
July 2018 | GENDERACTION in newsletter n°2 of Gender Equality in Engineering through Communication and Commitment | Sister project section: GENDERACTION

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12.7.2021 | Deepening European Research Area Through Gender Equality: Time to keep the momentum going!
5.6.2020 | Country´s research and innovation perform better when gender equality is supported
12.4.2019 | Time to Push Gender Equality in European Research and Innovation
18.2.2019 | NKC – gender a věda Sociologického ústavu partnerem v dalším projektu Horizontu 2020
18. 5. 2017 | NKC – gender a věda povede konsorcium k projektu GENDERACTION [Center for Gender and Science will lead the project GENDERACTION]


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