Thank you for your interest in GENDERACTION trainings and webinars. The project ended in September 2021. Our webinars are available here.


Topics of our trainings and webinars:

  • Gender equality in national R&I policy: implementation of ERA roadmap priority 4 at national level

Trainings and webinars will be organised to enhance the capacity of national representatives in Gender Equality Policy in R&I and to achieve coordination between H2020 and national priorities for gender equality. Mutual learning workshops will advance experience exchange among MS and will target primarily officially appointed national representatives and major stakeholders at the national level, including Higher Education and Research and Innovation ministries.

  • National Contact Points for Horizon 2020: mainstreaming gender equality in scientific areas

The project will ensure opportunities for participation in trainings for NCPs as well as access to relevant material, communicated to NCPs electronically. This will ensure an active engagement of NCPs in project activities, awareness of the project and its objectives, including access to project results in support of NCP activities at the national level. Particular attention will be given to communication with the SwafS NCP Network and the NCP Academy.

  • Exchange and networking event for projects aiming for 1) cultural and institutional change and 2) integration of the gender dimension in research content

A database of representatives of relevant projects funded in FP7 and Horizon 2020 will be collected to ensure dissemination of project materials, comprehensive invitation to project exchange and networking events, and distribution of policy recommendations where appropriate. This list will include GENDER-NET ERA-NET, GENDER-NET PLUS ERA-NET Co-fund, GenPORT gender portal, EIGE, projects funded under H2020, and FP7 to implement cultural and institutional changes in research organizations as well as NCP Coordinators and SwafS NCPs.