MLW on Gender in international cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation


WHEN: 7-8 November 2019

WHERE: Malta University, Valletta Campus, the Old University Building, St Paul’s Street, Valetta, Malta


REGISTRATION until 30 September 2019

Workshop background

  • This Mutual Learning Workshop is organized within the framework of the Horizon 2020 GENDERACTION Work Package 4, Mutual learning and capacity building and Work Package 6 Gender in international cooperation in STI.
  • The integration of gender perspective in dialogues with third countries in the area of STI is addressed in the 2015 Council Conclusions on Advancing Gender Equality in the European Research Area. A subsequent 2017 survey carried out among governmental civil servants and representatives of funding agencies in EU Member States showed that the gender perspective is rarely integrated in international agreements and funding programmes between the EU and non-EU countries. Furthermore, the representatives surveyed did not give high relevance to the issue.
  • To advance this issue, GENDERACTION decided to map the major gender-related concerns in STI in the non-EU countries and regions with a view to developing recommendations for the European Commission and EU Member States.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Establish contacts and network on gender equality in STI globally
  • Present and build upon the results of the survey carried out among representatives of women / gender in research organizations in third countries in summer 2019
  • Share experience on topics identified in the survey and examples of good practices
  • Identify barriers that hinder the greater involvement of women researchers from third countries in international cooperation in STI
  • Develop recommendations for actions on gender and international cooperation in Horizon Europe

 Expected outcome

Recommendations to the European Commission and Member States on gender in cooperation with third countries in Horizon Europe