Grants, research and parenthood


Parenthood is a major milestone not only in personal life, but also in professional career, in particular in demanding fields of specialisation that require a long term education, continuous updating of knowledge, high productivity of physical mobility, which is the case in research and development. Frequently, the balancing of professional and family obligations gets so difficult that it results in leaving the profession and, in the wider perspective, in losing a number of exceptional talents for science and society.

The brochure Grants, research and parenthood focuses on the issues of balancing the parenthood and the implementation of research activities (not only) by means of grants. It is intended both for leaders of scientific organisations, as well as scientists. It´s primarily addressed to recipients in the field of natural sciences, for which reason is mainly covers the financing possibilities in this field. However, a number of the schemes mapped herein is not restricted for any particular field of specialisation and thus can be utilised also by recipients working in other fields of research activities.