GENDERACTION workshop on gender in international cooperation in R&I for the Danube region


In cooperation with Martina Hartl, a member of our Advisory Board on gender in international cooperation, GENDERACTION is organizing a combined training and workshop for representants of national authorities and NCPs in the Danube region. Reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs for participants is available on request.

Registration deadline: 31 January 2020.

Registration form:

Date & Time: 10 March 2020: 13:30 – 17:30 & 11 March 2020: 09:00 – 14:30

Venue: University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

Download the draft of the agenda here.

Under WP6 GENDERACTION aims at building new collaborations and advance gender equality in international cooperation in science, technology and innovation. We have published Methodological Framework to Assess Gender in International Cooperation in STI to help in the development of a more gender-sensitive and fairer international cooperation in this area. The document contains a brief and practical checklist with examples for policymakers and presents an efficient way to provide guidelines on integrating the gender dimension in international cooperation in STI. Under WP6 we have organized mutual learning workshop in Malta that gathered 24 participants, including the organization staff, from 17 different countries: Croatia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, France, Jordan, Kosovo, Malta, the Netherlands, Romania, Senegal, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey, and the UK (read more here).