GENDERACTION new consortium partners


We are happy to welcome two new consortium partners!

The Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research is tasked with producing a report and a number of policy briefs on gender and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The report on gender and sustainability will be based on a systematic, international research review of peer-reviewed research articles published between 2015 and 2020. It will present research findings relating to gender with the aim of identifying conditions, challenges and solutions within the framework of the 2030 Agenda. The review will be published in September 2021 and, together with the policy briefs, is aimed at stakeholders within the European Research Area (ERA) and research funding and research performing organisations in the EU member states. Read more HERE.

National Information Processing Institute, POLAND will create GENDERACTION dashboard. The Dashboard will present various statistics on the subject of the GENDERACTION project, regarding women in science and policies towards gender equality. One of the tasks is to showcase the results of WP 3 analyses of NAPs implementation. The dashboard will be open to the public, accessed via the project website. It will offer not only visualizations but also insights into statistics and its meaning. Users will be able to interact with the content of the dashboards and may use its components (data or graphs) in their own reports or work, in particular, they will be able to download data (in a CSV or excel format) or graphs (PNG form) presented on the dashboard. As a result, the users will be able to understand the broader context of data presented in the Dashboard (the so-called storytelling approach to data).

Both of the new consortium partners were associate members since the beginning of the GENDERACTION project and we are strongly convinced that we will continue to work great together and that the results of the work of new partners will significantly strengthen the consortium in achieving its objectives.