Gender in Open Science and Open Innovation


Almudena Carrero, Ana Puy

GENDERACTION will soon release a report on “Strategic advice for enhancing the gender dimension of Open Science and Innovation Policy”, result of the analysis of existing literature, the contribution of gender and open science experts, as well as the main conclusions of a workshop held in Brussels in October 2017.

The report reveals that most analyses and policy documents related to Open Science (OS) and/or Open Innovation (OI) adopt a gender blind approach, especially in the case of OS. To revert this situation, while emphasizing the need for further studies and analyses, the report lays out a set of recommendations clustered into five priorities for action which target different stakeholders such as the European Commission, researchers, innovative enterprises, Member States, Research Funding and Performing Organisations (RPOs, RFOs), etc.

The five priorities are:

  1. The European Commission and national policy makers must continue addressing gender equality as a self-standing issue while mainstreaming gender on the OS/OI policy agenda.
  2. All stakeholders should advance knowledge and awareness of gender issues in OS/OI, with special focus on open peer review, altmetrics and open software, among others.
  3. Evaluation and assessment practices in RFOs and RPOs, including the encouragement to adopt multi-dimensional evaluation criteria that enhance openness and transparency, and to ensure that open innovation projects integrate sex/gender analysis.
  4. Publication practices of researchers and RPOs recommending, among other actions, the adoption by researchers of the FAIR management of sex and gender data.
  5. Regarding innovative processes and firms, stakeholders should ensure both the involvement of diverse groups including gender diversity and the integration of sex/gender analysis as a way to contribute to identify innovative solutions that benefit all segments of population.

The report will be available at the GENDERACTION webpage