Gender Equality in Horizon Europe



European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel published on the occasion of International Day of Women and Girls in Science fact sheet about measures that Horizon Europe introduces in the area of gender equality. Horizon Europe sets gender equality as a cross-cutting principle and aims to eliminate gender inequality and intersecting socioeconomic inequalities throughout research and innovation systems, including by addressing unconscious bias and systemic structural barriers.

What can research organizations and teams expect?

  • The integration of the gender dimension into research and innovation content (i.e. sex and gender analysis) becomes a requirement by default across the whole programme.
  • A new eligibility criterion to get access to Horizon Europe funding: public bodies, research organisations and higher education establishments will be required, starting in 2022, to have a gender equality plan (GEP) in place.
  • Specific funding will be made available for actions supporting the development of inclusive gender equality plans. Specific funding will be allocated for gender studies and intersectional research.
  • Flagship measures and activities promoting gender equality under the European Innovation Council (EIC), including a target of 40% women-led companies invited to pitch their projects, a target of 50% women among members of advisory structures, a prize for women innovators and a dedicated initiative to support women-led start-ups will be introduced.

Read more and download the fact sheet here.