Marcela Linková will participate on the conference Inequality vs inclusiveness in changing academic governance


Marcela Linková, coordinator of GENDERACTION project, will have a keynote speech on future of gender equality agenda in EU research policies and on GENDERACTION policy briefs series at the conference organised by EUMENT-NET and Department of Political Science University of Naples Federico II in Naples in September 2019. The hosting institution welcomes abstracts (deadline 30th of June 2019) and invites everybody to participate in the conference dedicated to the topic of unconscious bias in transforming academia and the strategies how to tackle them.

Date: 16-17 September 2019

Venue: Naples, Italy

In the last decades, profound transformations have been re-shaping academia and the research environment. Recent reforms in funding structures, research assessment exercises, and accountability procedures are redesigning the practices in academic work, redefining research schedules and determining relevant effects on scientific career paths. The academic practices emerging in these contexts produce new inequalities while strengthening old ones. Changing rules in recruitment and career development of researchers in some instances reduce and in others intensify the pre-existing gender gaps, having ambivalent impacts on different researchers’ cohorts, on minorities, on universities of different sizes, and different regional contexts.

European policies are orienting research and innovation processes towards the development of more responsible and inclusive research practices, able to respond to the challenges of contemporary society. Gender Equality plans and mentoring programs in scientific institutions are part of these practices, fostering diversity in academia. Implemented in different national and cultural contexts, they offer a variety of models to tackle inequalities in academia, develop intergenerational exchange and encourage diversity.

This conference, organized by the University of Naples Federico II and EUMENT-NET (European network of mentoring programs in academia), aims to encourage the debate about the impact of current transformations on academic landscapes in terms of gender and diversity, and about the achievements of equality action plans and related practices.

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