EPWS on Horizon Europe


On 14th October European Platform for Women Scientists (EPWS) published its 1st Memorandum on the European Commission‘s Proposal for the next EU Research & Innovation Programme (2021-2027) Horizon Europe. Two later EPWS Memoranda will deal with other issues related to Horizon Europe.

The Memorandum “Courageous Revolution speeds up Evolution – First EPWS Memorandum on the European Commission’s Proposal for the next EU Research & Innovation Programme (2021-2027) Horizon Europe”, is an initial reaction from EPWS to the proposal as well as a call for action for an even more consequent integration of gender equality and the gender dimension in Horizon Europe.

It is the vision of the EPWS that the new Framework Programme should have a clear and strict directive promoting equal opportunities in research and innovation, as is currently postulated in Horizon 2020, in order to close still existing gaps, enhance the programme’s orientation towards present priorities in research and innovation, and ensure a more substantial and sustainable European added value.

We invite you to read the full text of the Memorandum.


GENDERACTION´S Policy Brief Series on gender in Horizon Europe to read here.