Let’s make gender part of the implementation of Horizon Europe!


The European Commission has launched another consultation on Horizon Europe. This time EC wants to get feedback on the design of work programmes, submission, evaluation criteria and procedure, model grant agreement, data and reporting and more. These have always been the battlegrounds when it comes to gender equality concerns:

  • Should the gender dimension be part of Excellence evaluation of the proposal design and methodology?
  • Should gender balance of the implementing team be a ranking factor?
  • What measures to promote gender equality in the Model Grant Agreement that binds the consortia?
  • How to monitor and evaluate these concrete measures? And how to reflect them in the revision of the framework programme mid-way in the implementation?

GENDERACTION will be developing its own input, and we hope we won’t be alone in making strong recommendations for gender equality measures and the gender dimension in research in the implementation of Horizon Europe. Join us in this effort!

Really, the time is now to move forward with addressing the gender dimension in all areas of research, in partnerships and Missions. Research that analyses people and society or whose results are intended to be used by people should consider sex and gender as a variable by default, in order to bring better solutions and more informed knowledge for improving the lives of us all. Space must also be made for filling the research gaps that failed women, glossing over the research needs related to women’s lives and health. If the gender dimension is not addressed in the proposal, the proposing teams must be required to explain why consideration of sex and gender is not relevant to their research proposal.




Please, consider to participate as well in the consultation for Horizon Europe co-design 2021-2024 where gender is very relevant too. See our position to it here.