Accelerating ERA development


Accelerating ERA development by promotion of gender equality in STEM

Date: 20-21 November 2017

Venue: Vilnius, Lithuania

The development of human resources is the main component in the science producing process. Among all ERA priorities the most closely related to this issue is gender equality in research, concerned with improvement of work and life conditions for researchers of genders and leading to more gender balanced, productive and innovative science. Regardless of the efforts taken by the European Commission the ERA Report 2016 shows that advancements in this priority are still remaining relatively slow. It presupposes the need of more vide involvement of stakeholders in ensuring the harmonization of solutions made in all ERA priorities.

The conference is to advance the goals of creation ERA process by consolidating the efforts of ERA stakeholders, EU scientific networks and established knowledge from past initiatives for promotion systemic cultural change in research performing and funding organizations. The high level conference will help better understand the EU policy and accelerate the structural changes promoting gender equality in the Baltic States universities and research centres.