Advance HE – Athena SWAN mutual learning workshop


At the request of GENDERACTION, Advance HE will host a mutual learning workshop on 21st April 2021 for country representatives. The event will be hosted by Advance HE’s Athena SWAN Ireland team but will include participation from individuals with knowledge of Advance HE’s global charter frameworks.

The purpose of the event is to share information on Advance HE’s Athena SWAN charter framework. Information will be shared in the form of presentations, which will include information on the following topics:

  • Origins and evolution of the Athena SWAN charter
  • Charter application and assessment
  • Operation of the charter in UK, Ireland, Canada, USA and Australia
  • Charter links to research funding
  • The charter and national strategy for gender equality
  • Impact and benefit of the Athena SWAN charter

Around 20 delegates from GENDERACTION are expected to attend the event and time will be allocated for questions and discussion.

Check the agenda and the workshop presentation.