3rd MLW on monitoring ERA priority 4 – online


On 23 and 24 November a 3rd mutual learning workshop on monitoring ERA priority 4 of GENDERACTION took place online. Work on this topic is one of the flagship activities of the GENDERACTION project. We have published two reports on this issue (2020 & 2018) and guidelines on criteria of good practice for strengthening the implementation of ERA priority 4.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss lessons learned from the implementation of ERA Roadmap’s priority 4 from the perspective of the monitoring as well as from Member States’ perspective. As discussions about the governance and steering instruments for the next ERA period are still ongoing, the workshop aimed at supporting stakeholders involved in gender equality policies in preparing for the next ERA period. It has been already announced that Horizon Europe will put emphasis on Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) for Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) applying for funding. Hence, experiences of countries which have already implemented compulsory GEPs were presented and discussed. The discussion focused on the following questions: How may Member States support RPOs in developing GEPs? Which criteria for GEPs should be applied? How to develop related processes or structures at national level?

Participants agreed that GEPs will be a strong instrument to support gender equality. However, experiences from Ireland, Spain and Austria reveal that a structure to support RPOs in GEP development is needed as well as the definition of compulsory elements of GEPs (building blocks). Furthermore, a monitoring of GEP implementation – at institutional as well as national level – has been identified as crucial to exploit the full potential of GEPs for structural change. Hence, the development of meaningful indicators for GEP development and implementation should be included in the development of structures for the new ERA.

Download 3rd MLW Minutes in PDF!